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9. Configure Work Centers in Shop Floor Insight

Shop Floor Work Centers connect to existing Business Central Work Centers or Business Central Machine Centers. These are used for capturing information for Production Orders, such as recording productive time to production orders, rework time, recording manual output, recording manual consumption, and using the scheduling feature.
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7. Configure Shifts in Shop Floor Insight

This section only provides very basic setup of shifts and does not go into detailed usage of shifts in the system. The Setup Wizard will import a rapidstart file that will automatically create an example shift 'MF8'.
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5. Configure Paycodes in Shop Floor Insight

Paycodes need to be defined before Shop Floor Activities. Paycodes must match the paycodes in your payroll system by name if you plan on exporting time from Shop Floor Insight to your payroll system or calculating overtime.
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3. Registering Shop Floor Insight

Registration of the app is necessary for all Business Central cloud use of Shop Floor Insight. The app must be installed before registration is possible. Make sure to install the app on your Business Central tenant prior to requesting registration.
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2. Installing Shop Floor Insight

Shop Floor Insight is available in Microsoft AppSource for Business Central SaaS. For on-premise installations of Business Central a ".app" file will be provided to your Microsoft Partner or Insight Works representative to install.
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