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How the Customs Information is Populated

International shipments require customs information to be provided. Dynamic Ship makes that process simple by using information already in your system to create the necessary documentation for a successful labelling process.
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Reprint Shipping Labels using Dynamic Ship

A shipment label can be re-printed at any time without having to regenerate it from the carrier. If the shipment is still open in the package worksheet, you can click the "Carrier Label" button to re-print an existing label.
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Ship Hazardous Material

If a package contains hazardous materials it must be declared on the carrier label. The only hazmat setting that can be electronically submitted to the carrier is defined in the package option.
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Ship with Saturday Delivery

Requesting Saturday delivery is a package option, not a separate delivery service. It will not show on the list of services offered by the carrier.
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Print Bill of Lading Report

The Dynamic Ship Bill of Lading (BOL) report can be printed on the Package Worksheet after packing the shipment.
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Chain Multiple Pack Commands

Starting in Dynamic Ship v2.2.2 for NAV (and 2.5 on Business Central) you can chain multiple shipping commands in the Package Worksheet for faster scanning.
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