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Calculating Count Period Codes

The Inventory Count Module has the ability to calculate NAV Physical Inventory Counting Period Codes based on each item’s percentage of the overall cost for outbound transactions.
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6. Inventory Counts with WHI

The Warehouse Insight Module is an Insight Works product that allows you to perform inventory counts using handheld devices. The biggest change when using the Warehouse Insight is that no printed inventory count sheets are required, though they could be used.
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5. Performing a Cycle Count

The steps involved in completing cycle or partial counts are the same steps used for a full count. However, additional filtering criteria on the count lines may be used to specify particular groups of items, and additional options on the Generate Count Sheets function can be used.
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4. Performing a Full Count

The Physical Inventory Count Module can be used to perform cycle or partial counts, WIP counts, or full inventory counts. The primary difference is that for full counts, you must be sure to run the Items Not Counted report and review all items that do not appear on count sheets, both before and after the count.
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1. Introduction

The Inventory Count Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by Insight Works allows Inventory Managers to easily manage complete or partial physical inventory and WIP inventory counts.
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3. Setup Wizard

Advanced Inventory Count requires the completion of the Setup Wizard. To access this Wizard, navigate to Assisted Setup and click on Inventory Count.
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2. Installation

After choosing “Free Trial” in AppSource, the Advanced Inventory Count extension will be installed in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
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1. Application Description

Why make physical inventory counts harder than they already are? Advanced Inventory Count enables inventory managers to simplify inventory and cycle counts with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools.
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Setup of Posting Count Options

Once the counts are completed and all recounts have been completed, the counts can then be posted to NAV. To post the counts first the “Posting Options” must be set on the “Count Card”.
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