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1. Application Description

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Why make physical inventory counts harder than they already are? Advanced Inventory Count enables inventory managers to simplify inventory and cycle counts with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools.

  • Easily perform manually-entered or barcoded inventory counts and cycle counts
  • Automatically reconcile and post lot or serial number discrepancies
  • Predefine count sheets or allow users to complete ad hoc inventory counts
  • Create formal recount sheets to track count issues and resolutions
  • Retain historical statistics for prior counts to judge trends and performance
  • Supports all location configurations, from non-mandatory bins to directed pick with warehouse item tracking
  • For non-barcoded counts, allows multi-user manual entry and ability to add to count sheets on the fly

Full product details available on the Advanced Inventory Count page.

Experience quicker data entry, reconciliation, and simplified posting

Advanced Inventory Count enhances the physical inventory capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to allow for comprehensive count sheet creation, advanced reconciliation analysis, multi-user count data entry, and simplified journal posting

Ensure all inventory is accurately accounted for

The module automatically identifies and manages WIP, reconciles it with other counted inventory, and posts the appropriate consumption and inventory adjustment entries.

Flexible count sheet generation

Create Count Sheets that represent how you want to count inventory, such as sheets for specific count teams, locations, product types, etc. Easily define sheets for cycle counting or partial warehouse counts.

WIP counting

Accurately capture consumed and unconsumed WIP – the count module automatically reconciles WIP with inventory and production order consumption.

Inventory turns analysis

Easily identify obsolete inventory, items with improper planning parameters, and the financial impact of those issues. Automatically calculate and set inventory count periods based on inventory turns to simplify cycle count definition and management.

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