Adding Notes to Documents

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This article will describe the steps required to add Notes to documents via the handhelds. You must be running version 1.7 or higher to utilize this solution.
Note: The NAV document to attach to is based on the current document.  If you require adding notes to different documents (e.g. On a Pick adding a note to the shipment) you must use the extensibility framework to implement a custom solution.

Step 1: Create the Menu Item

  • Open the PDA Menus and choose the “Form” you wish to add the menu option to
  • Create a new menu option, specifying the following settings:
    • Caption
      • Something appropriate like ‘Add Note’
    • Menu No.
      • The next available menu number
    • Parent Menu No.
      • The menu to put this option under (usually 2)
    • Standard Action
      • Custom Text
    • Event ID
      • 970
    • Title
      • In the subpage that appears specify the title of the ‘text’ dialog users will see
    • Prompt
      • In the subpage that appears specify the prompt for the ‘text’ dialog users will see



Step 2: Specify a user to notify (Optional)

You can specify the ‘To’ recipient of the note by specifying the user on the PDA Configuration card.
  • Open the PDA Configuration
  • In the “Custom Configuration Settings” create a new entry
    • Template Key
      • Choose or Enter: “Note Notify User”
    • Value
      • Specify the recipient
    • Note:
      • Optionally enter some text to indicate why the setting was created


Custom Configuration Settings
Note: This setting will apply to all ‘Note’ menu options that might be created.  If you need to add multiple menu options (different forms) and have different users notified then you must use the extensibility framework to implement a custom solution.


  • Click the ‘Add Note’ menu option
  • Users will be prompted to enter a Note
  • Type in the note
    • The Note text also supports Standard Text.  If a user types in a code for the standard text the code will be replaced with the standard text description.
      • E.g. Typing “MD” will be replaced with “Monthly Depreciation”
      • E.g. Typing “MD – Ray” will be replaced with “Monthly Depreciation – Ray”
Add Note
  • Note will appear in NAV
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