If customers (or partners) have issues and submit a ticket to Insight Works’ support portal, the time required to solve the issue will greatly depend on the information submitted to Insight Works.

Here is a list of things that should be included in a ticket to Insight Works. The items in bold in the left column should always be included.

Version of NAV or Business Central Business Central 15.2
Installation type:  On-Premise or Cloud On-Premise
Version of Product Shop Floor Insight 7.5
Name of customer Joe’s Toy Shop
Short explanation of issue When I scan barcode “ABC” I get an error
Steps required to reproduce the error
  • On station “A”, clock-in with employee “Bob”
  • Scan any production order barcode
  • Wait at least 7 seconds
  • Now try to scan the barcode of another production order

Environment if applicable (“Prod”, “Test”, “Sandbox”, etc.)

This is an issue in production only.

Provide screen captures of meaningful errors/problems if possible.

Otherwise giving the error message text is another option.


Define when the issue started if possible. Is this a *new* behaviour?

Or is it something that you might not have noticed before?

There usually is something that occurred that can explain any new behaviour.

This wasn’t a problem until we changed where the production orders now print.

Other examples not related to the issue depicted here:

  • We recently hired a new group of employees and since then, then issue has been common
  • This started when we modified some settings related to auto-splitting time
  • We never ran into these issues before and we just started clocking into jobs. Since then, issue “DEF” has been very common.

“Scope” of issue.

Is the problem restricted to only one workstation?

Does the issue occur on all workstations?

Is it for any barcode scanned?

What are the conditions for the issue to replicate?

Ideally, the more that is known of the scope of the issue, the better. If the issue is not

occurring for certain groups or doesn’t occur in scenario “ABC”, this information is also important. Conversely,  it is a good idea to also specify if

you don’t know if the issue exists in certain other scenarios. The objective here is to try and best explain  who/what might be affected by the issue, and who/what isn’t affected.

  • This issue is occurring for any workstation in Work Centre “A”.
  • Not an issue in Work Centre “B”.
  • We don’t know if it’s an issue in Work Centre “C”.

Other examples not related to the issue depicted here:

  • Only affects employees that have the shift pattern of “ABC”
  • This issue is only an issue in “Prod” but not in “Test”

Any pattern?

If the issue is sporadic, is there any pattern that can be identified?

These tend to be a little harder to identify. The more useful information the better.

The issue depicted above is not sporadic.

An example of worthwhile information for sporadic issues could be:

  • Only seems to happen when the user previously viewed the production scheduler
  • Never is a problem for workstations A-D
  • Only affects employees that work the night shift
  • We noticed the issue seems to always occur around 5:45-6pm which coincides with our shift change.