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  • Shameka HowellShameka Howell
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      Is it possible that the Bin field on the Shop Floor output screen could be linked to the output journal in Business Central so workers can enter bin locations in Shop Floor where they added output materials so we can look in Business Central and see where that output physically lives?


      Olina ThorsteinsdottirOlina Thorsteinsdottir
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        It might be possible with a modification, however i would not recommend it. As modification to the client, can cause issues on BC updates for the future, this would have to be maintained.

        Keep in mind here that you do have an option in Base BC to set your Prod out bin on your location card. On the Location Card in BC, on the Bin tab you have ‘From-Production Bin Code’ here you can set the bin that you wish to output to, this will mean that you always output to the same bin per location.¬†This would be the preferred method in handling finished goods output.

        If you wish to explore the modification possibility, please email our support to get that process started support@dmsiworks.com



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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