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  • Mir Shikeb AliMir Shikeb Ali
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      Hello Team,

      I installed the Printnode connector and configured, which easily allowed me to print the Put-away report.

      In the WMS Express When I click on on Print, the program prints the Warehouse Put-Away.

      What I am expecting is to print the Label with Serial No., using the Item Label report from Barcode generator app.

      Is there a way I can tag the item label report for the print which I give from WMS Express App. ?

      john atkinsonjohn atkinson
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        Please see steps below for selecting report to print.


        1. In Business Central, go to the Insight Works Report Selection page.
        2. Change the Usage to “Item Label”.
        3. For the Report ID, enter “23044511”.
        4. For the Printer Type, choose “Label Printer”.
        5. From the Warehouse Insight home screen on your handheld, open the Item Inquiry application.
        6. Scan an item. If you do not have a barcode you can manually select the item with a double-tap on the item or by tapping the item and selecting Menu > Choose—or, if your handheld has a physical keyboard—tapping the item and pressing Enter.
        7. Select Menu > Print.
        8. The item label will print to the label printer specified on the WMS Express Device Configuration page in Business Central.

        Print from Your Handheld – Insight Works Knowledge Base (dmsiworks.com)


        Sean RileySean Riley
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          Hi there.

          I am having this same issue. Upon clicking print the printer prints the document for the receipt but does not print labels for the pallets. On the answer above the Report ID 23044511 is not available on WMS Express so that doesn’t help either.

          Could you please help me with this?

          john atkinsonjohn atkinson
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            Hello All, Please use repot ID 23045000 for item label in WMS  express.

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