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      Hi, I have put away documents with 100 lines of same SKU but needs serial number input.

      The process consist in selecting the first line, hit ENTER, read barcode, press ACCEPT, scrolldown to the next line, hit Enter, read barcode… again and again.

      For this 100 lines I need to do lots of manual inputs (down arrow, hit enter, press ACCEPT…) to have one scan of the serial number.

      Is there a more efficent way to do this (lets say read serial bar code and go stright to the next line to read next serial code?

      Maybe in the paying version?

      Nathan SilvermanNathan Silverman
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        Hi Antonio,

        This question is going to depend on your warehousing complexity and if the serial numbers exist in the item ledger entries. If the serial numbers exist within your item ledger entries for the items on the put-away, then the setting change that should make this work is in your Scan behaviors. In the Scan Behaviors in Business Central, you will want to change the Scan Quantity Behavior to No Dialog Increase by 1 for the put-away application. The reason why the item ledger needs to exist is so we can decode the serial number within Business Central.

        If the above doesn’t work, we can always accommodate a requested process change in Warehouse Insight (the paid version) whether through customization (billable effort) or additional configuration.

        If you would like a trial of Warehouse Insight, I encourage you to reach out to our sales team to initiate that.



        Nathan Silverman

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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