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      <div class=”moz-forward-container”>Hi Team</div>
      <div class=”moz-forward-container”></div>
      <div class=”moz-forward-container”>We are installing this product in the test environment for our customer, Fine Foods, but we got this error when we were installing this item.  The error message is this:</div>
      <div><span class=”ui-provider kt b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z ab ac ae af ag ah ai aj ak” dir=”ltr”>Deployment failed. Errors: App ID: 209cad21-sed7-420f-8a50-6392ed4b14b Message : ( The application object of type Page with the ID 50104 is defined in multiple apps. The sipps are: Warehouse Insight. Proof of Delivery by Insight Works 1.3.00:
      FineF oadCustamizations by Optimus 1.00.7. 1 – leb Id : 982ebObf-3836-4625-a#9d-161651584abB</span></div>
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      <div>Could you help us to review it, please</div>

      Brandon EstradaBrandon Estrada
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        Hi Robert,

        The Proof of Delivery app is provided “as-is” however the source code is available for modification from the same repository where the .app file is downloaded for install. The link is available on the Knowledge Base page here:


        It appears Proof of Delivery and the FineFoodsCustomizations by Optimus extension contain the same Page ObjectIDs. You can download the source code for Proof of Delivery and it can be modified with different Page ObjectIDs. Once updated with the new IDs you can build the new app to deploy to Business Central. You can also have your developers update the conflicting PageIDs within the FineFoodsCustomizations by Optimus extension as these extensions are using the same PageID numbers.

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