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      In Business Central 17 , when printing a report that has been setup in “Printer Selections”, and in “Insight Works PrintNode Setting” ,  “Use Print Setting” = Yes,

      the message

      “Cannot modify a record. Current connection intent is Read-Only.”

      is shown and the print job is not send to the printer.

      Environnement :

      Application Version  17.5.22499.22680
      Platform Version 17.45
      IWorks Common 2.4.7710.0
      Insight Works PrintNode Connector  2.2.7612.0

      Anybody has experienced this error before ?

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        I have found the start of an answer with this link :


        There is a table “Database Access Intent”.
        For some reason, whenever the Use Printer Setting is activated the value of Database Access Intent needs to be AllowWrite.
        After that the report runs wihthout problems. By default all objects in the table are set to “Access Intent”=Default.
        Remains to find out the use of the table, or the meaning of the value “Access Intent” = Default</div>

        Insight Works
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          A full description of Data Access Intents can be found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-ca/dynamics365/business-central/admin-data-access-intent


          The basic idea is that in theory, read-only reports might run faster. However, when using printer settings, the system needs to write settings information to the database to allow PrintNode to function, which requires the Data Access Intent to be AllowWrite (even though the report doesn’t write data).


          The next release in Business Central 18 should eliminate this requirement, but for now, just set the intents for any reports to AllowWrite – there should be no noticeable impact on the system.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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