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      I just bought 2 Memor K, Android handheld computers. I really like this scanner. However, I have a problem scanning Bar Codes for EAN -13 when scanning the ISBN code on a book cover. The EAN – 13 or EAN 13 +5 Ext  symbology will lose the 13th character. For instance the ISBN is:

      9781401264482. However, the Memor K only picks up 978140126448[LF]. It loses the final character, “2”.

      There is a 5-digit extension called, EAN – 13 + 5 Ext. That also loses the 13th character. The extended barcode looks like this: 97814012644851699. It has the final 5-digit extension, but omits character 13, which should be “2”.

      Code 128 barcodes are read fine.

      Is there a way to correct the configuration of the EAN 13 and EAN 13 + 5 Ext? It is wrong.

      Steve Simon
      PDG Consultants

      Steve SimonSteve Simon
        Post count: 6

        <div> This was solved for me by Insight Works Tech Support:</div>
        <b>- </b>Settings > System > Scanner Settings -> Formatting
        – Settings -> Datalogic Settings -> Scanner Settings -> Formatting

        Once in Formatting, please make sure that Label prefix and suffix are both set to None.</div>
        <div>I set the formatting to exclude the label suffix. The label prefix had already been set to “none”. Still have the EAN 13 truncating to 12 characters.
        The book barcode is 9781592578986. The scan is  978159257898. Missing the final digit as before “6”.</div>
        <div>Next I would try going to the symbology settings.

        Once I enabled CheckSum, I had no more problems.
        <b>- </b>Settings > System > Scanner Settings -> Symbology
        – Settings -> Datalogic Settings -> Scanner Settings -> Symbology

        Scroll down to EAN-13, you will want to make sure that “Check Digit” is enabled. If this is not enabled, then usually the last digit will not be sent.</div>

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