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Nathan SilvermanNathan Silverman
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    Good afternoon,

    Our team hasn’t seen that done before and what would likely need to happen to achieve what your asking is some custom events that Warehouse Insight can trigger to handle sending data from the handhelds to a custom print function, as well as a Bartender Integrator into Business Central. Online I do some extensions available from Appsource which allow you to integrate Bartender into Business Central but that would still require an extension for Warehouse Insight to handle the custom events. What you’ve proposed might be possible with OneDrive, but we would still need to create a custom event to handle sending the information to OneDrive along with any extensions in Business Central to integrate OneDrive as it’s needed.

    We have another client who shifted away from Bartender as there were was a simpler approach. What they did was submitted us a label they created from Bartender, and we mimicked the design in the form of a Business Central report. From there, we can use our standard events and printing functionality while getting the benefit of the custom report layout. Typically a Business Central partner would be able to handle the Business Central report design and then we can assist with the configuration to print it from a handheld. If the data is available in Business Central, then it’s probably best to go forward with a custom report layout and leave out Bartender.

    If you wanted to move forward with Insight Works assistance, I encourage you to submit a ticket to our support portal where we can have our technical team collaborate on this. The email address you can submit a request is support@dmsiworks.com