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Terri Vaive
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    Hello Shameka,

    No, this is not possible out of the box.

    The production order dispatch list will be sorted by default in this fashion:

    • Production order Number,
    • Routing reference number,
    • Routing number,
    • Operation number

    I would encourage you to ensure that the Released Production Orders are configured with the correct dates, including the right start date/times on the routing lines. Release the production orders as you see fit and don’t release them all at once unless you plan on working on them.

    I also highly encourage you to have some filtering added to the dispatch list. This can be done on the Shop Floor Setup page and/or the Shop Floor Client configuration cards with the use of the field “Prod. Routing Custom Filter”. Both set of filters will be applied to the user of the Shop Floor web client.

    Please also review this page here for our recommendations on the Shop Floor Client Configuration cards: http://kb.dmsiworks.com/knowledge-base/shop-floor-client-configuration-cards-recommendations/

    Thank you,

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    • This reply was modified 6 months, 1 week ago by Terri Vaive.