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    Hi Terje,

    Q: If One work centre has several machine centres then where this people item constraint should be assigned?

    A: If every machine in a work center uses the same constraint in the same quantity set it up at the work center level to avoid having to create more records by defining it at the machine center level.  When setup at the WC level that record is the same as if you created it for each of the machine centers in that WC.

    Q: Where i should assign shop calendar exceptions? On the restraint item (people) code or on work centre calendar code?

    A: Shop Calendar Exceptions can only be defined for the Shop Calendar Code through the MxAPS->Setup->Shop Calendar Exceptions menu.  This is why each labor constraint item typically has a specific Shop Calendar Code for that item.

    Q: Should work centre shop calendars working days have value in Available Resources or it should be 0?

    A: During times labor is working you would expect to have a positive number in the Shop Calendar Working Days “Available Resources” field.  It would only be zero if nobody was working at that day and time.

    Q: Where holidays should be assigned like Christmas and New Years? On the constraint calendar or on the work centre?

    A: At the moment holidays would need to be defined as Shop Calendar Exceptions.

    Q: Are constraints visible in graphic scheduler?

    A: If you are using one of the MxAPS data sources in the Graphical Scheduler View you would not see anything scheduling in a time when required constraint items are not available.  If you open Graphical Scheduler outside of MxAPS and your Graphical Scheduler View uses [Prod. Order Routing Line] as the data source it will be based on that.

    Q: On machine centre constraint what does this quantity required mean exactly?

    A: The Quantity Required tells you how many operators are required to run the machine center (note if you’ve defined it at the work center level it is still telling you how many are required to run any machine center in that work center).  Out of the box a machine center is capable of running one operation of one production order at a time.  So if you say the quantity required is 8 the system would be using 8 people on that machine center to run one operation of one production order.

    Q: And if i say that i have available only 7 people for specific day, what will happen from planning perspective?

    A: If you tell the system the quantity required is 8, but only have 7, that machine will not be able to run at that time.