Text Template Variables

Text Template Variables

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The Product Configurator includes replaceable parameters, known as text template variables, that you can use to create the text for the item description, extended text, and comments. These variables take the form {OPTION.Property}, where OPTION is the option code specified in the Configurator Option table, and Property is one of the following names:

Property Name Value
Name The option’s description.
Choice The user’s selected choice code.
ChoiceNo The choice’s number.
Desc The choice’s description.
ItemDesc The choice’s item description text.
CfgDesc The choice configured (or sub-configuration) description.
Quantity The option’s quantity per unit.
UnitPrice The option’s unit price.
LineAmount The option’s line amount.
OptionText The option text value for the option.


  • The item description template of Table: {LENGTH.Quantity} FT, {FINISH.Desc} {DRAWER.ItemDesc} may result in the item description with “Table: 6 FT, Oak with drawers”.
  • The extended text template of {AREA.Desc}: {AREA.Quantity} may result in the extended text with “Area (m2): 36”.
  • The comment text template of {LENGTH.Desc}: {LENGTH.Quantity} may result in the assembly BOM line with “Length in metres: 10”.

Extending Text Template Variables

The text template variables can be extended to include additional properties by subscribing to the OnAfterBuildTextTemplateVariablesDictionaryWithConfiguratorBOM event found in the IWX Global Variable Mgmt. codeunit. Additional properties are added to the text template variables dictionary with reference to each configuration option.

The following example code shows how to include a property for the choice unit price:

When the above extension is installed, the extended text template of Base unit price per m2: {AREA.ChoiceUnitPrice} may result in the extended text with “Base unit price per m2: 0.05”.

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