Item Planning Review: Customize the Entry Types

Item Planning Review: Customize the Entry Types

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Item Planning Review allows you to customize which entry types are considered from item ledger entries when calculating usage.

The default entry types considered are:

  • Assembly Consumption
  • Assembly Output
  • Consumption
  • Output
  • Negative Adjmt.Sale
  • Sale

As a Filter String:

WHERE(Entry Type=FILTER(Assembly Consumption|Assembly Output|Consumption|Output|Negative Adjmt.|Sale))

Change the entry types considered when calculating usage:

  1. Navigate to Item Planning Review Setup in Business Central.
  2. Locate the Advanced section and select Show More.
  3. Select the button on the Item Ledger Filter
  4. Add a filter for Entry Type.
  5. Close the Filter Page and close the Setup

How this works:

If you have any filter on the item ledger entry, it is applied first before setting other filters.

If you have included a filter on the Entry Type field, only that filter is used for the Entry Type when calculating average usage.

If you do not include a filter for Entry Type in your Item Ledger Filter field or if you leave this field blank, the default Entry Type filters are used.

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