1. Overview

1. Overview

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Warehouse Insight Applications allow users to create customized screens and processes within the handheld application without the need to modify the underlying source code or deploy additional files to the handhelds. Applications consist of two parts:

  1. Design/control blocks indicating the application process flow and user interactions
  2. Business Central code to handle any data requests

Applications can be complete, complex fully standalone modules (e.g., existing modules like shipping/receiving) or as simple one dialog processes (e.g., asking for a line comment). When designing an application, it is important to remember that the controls/UI elements available are pre-determined and cannot usually be changed. For instance – asking a user for a comment you could have the application display an input box (title, prompt and edit box) but it would not be possible to bold the caption or prevent certain values from being entered (though you could check after the dialog closes).

This document attempts to describe all the available controls, options and interactions while providing concrete examples to assist in your own development. In addition to this document, users are encouraged to reference the existing applications as needed for further ideas and usage scenarios.

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