Configure DocXtender Setup

Configure DocXtender Setup

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From Microsoft Office 365 Business Central, DocXtender can be configured manually for a custom setup.

Configure DocXtender Storage

  1. Search for “DocXtender Setup” in Business Central and open (DocXtender Setup opens).
  2. Define and adjust settings as required (changes are automatically saved):
    • File Storage Behavior: select either Document Attachments (stored internally in Dynamics 365 Business Central’s Document Attachments) or SharePoint (stored externally in SharePoint).
    • Drop Behavior: Select Silent (no notification) or Confirmation (notification when a document has been attached or uploaded.).
    • Duplicate Behavior: Select one of the following:
      • Prevent (duplicates will not be attached or uploaded)
      • Rename Automatically (duplicates will be renamed)
      • Rename Prompt (user will be prompted to rename duplicate; not supported by SharePoint option)
      • Replace (duplicates overwrite existing file; not supported by Document Attachment option)
    • SharePoint Host: Input your company’s host (e.g., usually set to “[yourcompanyname]”).
      • Note: DocXtender currently only supports SharePoint online hosts. You cannot specify a self-hosted SharePoint server here.
    • SharePoint Site: Input the site name to upload documents to (optional, but recommended).
    • SharePoint Folder: Input the parent folder name documents will upload to on the SharePoint Site previously specified (optional, but recommended).

DocXtender Setup

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