Configure a UPS Digital Access Program Account

Configure a UPS Digital Access Program Account

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The UPS Digital Access Program (UPSDAP) allows you to create UPS shipping labels at a reduced cost without requiring your own UPS account. EasyPost direct bills the shipping labels’ shipping costs. To configure a UPS Digital Access Program account, you must not have an existing UPS account configured within EasyPost.

  1. Sign up for EasyPost if you have not yet.
  2. Submit a request to EasyPost support and include:
    1. That you want to use a UPSDAP account
    2. The following information:
      • Email associated with the EasyPost account
      • Name
      • Title
      • Company
      • Street1
      • Street2
      • City
      • State
      • Postal code
      • Country
      • Phone
      • Email
      • Website
  1. Add your UPS Digital Access Program account to Business Central:

You should now be able to retrieve rates and purchase labels for UPS using the UPSDAP account.

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